FAQ on FCMB FlashmeCash

1. What is FlashmeCash?

2. What account number does FlashmeCash use?

3. How do I sign-on to FlashmeCash?

4. Are FlashmeCash subscribers required to have a regular bank account?

5. What services are available to Individual customers?

6. How can FlashmeCash be accessed?

7. How do I fund my FlashmeCash account?

8. Can existing FCMB customers transfer funds to any mobile phone number in Nigeria without subscribing to FlashmeCash?

9. How can I change my password?

10. If I forget my password, what do I do?

11. If I purchase airtime and I do not receive it, how do I retrieve it?

12. If I mistakenly input a wrong password and my account is deactivated, what do I do?

13. What is the transaction fee for fund transfer to a 3rd party or any mobile phone user in Nigeria?


14. How can I contact the bank if I need more help?



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